Mentorship with Amy

I help Women launch, grow and better manage their Holistic Business.


All my Mentoring programs begin by me learning as much as I can about you and your business.  What YOU want, what’s getting in your way, what stage of development your in, what lifestyle demands & goals you have, what has worked or not worked for you in the past, the type of learning style and business skills you currently have.


As I take in all this information a custom ALIGNMENT plan begins to formulate in my mind.  I will Mentor you over the next 10 Months to tackle your plan.  Here is what is included:



Mentoring is meant to shift you and your business from point A to B.  IT ONLY WORKS IF YOU TAKE ACTION. To make that super easy I can break things down into small manageable chunks for you to IMPLEMENT and get faster RESULTS!


It’s important to me that you have a SOLID BUSINESS FOUNDATION so if I spot any weak spots we will strengthen those along the way.


Working with a Mentor has many benefits: fresh perspective, professional experience, support, training and accountability you may be lacking. I have over 20 years business experience, a wide range of skills and a big network to share with you.

Here’s a glimpse of what my Mentoring programs can offer you:

*Vision Clarity

*Alignment Plan & Action Step Breakdown

*Leading Your Success – Confidence Training

*Creating Your Ideal Experience

*Improving Your Time Management

*Automating Tasks

*Implementing New Marketing Strategies

*Facebook Training

*Developing Systems

*Business Boundaries

*Overcoming Blocks

*Boosting Your Income

*Growing Your Client/Customer Base

*Managing Your Business Funds Better

*Launching New Products/Service

*Promoting & Running Business Events

*Online Tool Training

*Outsourcing Tips

*Building & Ending Working Relationships

*Creating a Media Package





Sometimes it feels like there is so much to be done or you’re being pulled in so many directions that it’s overwhelming. Amy was able to help break things down into to simple steps, organize my tasks and fit them into my daily and weekly schedule. What a relief! And this allowed me to focus with clarity on what needed to done.” Cheryl LeBrun Bak-Nielsen


“Amy helped me create a schedule that allowed me to work the hours that I desired while still earning my ideal salary. Structuring my time gave me the freedom to do the things that I love while still earning a great living”  Devanni Peters


“Amy helped take all my ideas and focus them into a strategic plan. Amy has helped better my time management, efficiency and goals.  I am extremely excited to continue working with her to keep growing my business.” Michelle Elyse


“Amy’s Shift Your Business Bootcamp was a god-send in a time when my two businesses were growing quickly and I was overwhelmed with how to get it all under control.  Amy is an attentive listener, intuitive, educated, experienced, and she holds you accountable.  The bootcamp was integral in helping me clarify the aspects of my businesses that needed support, and in a short period of time,  I have already implemented a great number of changes in my daily operations.  This has dramatically reduced my stress, and has freed up a lot of time, which allows me to see more clients.  If you own a business, I highly recommend the Shift Your Business Bootcamp….it’s essential.” Stephanie John


“Within days after of every meeting with Amy….all kinds of things open up. Once I leave my meeting, my mind gets excited to see what will transpire soon. So I release all expections to allow whatever arises to come through. And here I am only a few days later….and BAM, we have lift off. Well worth the investment in My Self. Thanks Amy” Tammy Maxine


“I am a hands on visual learner, and I like working one on one with Amy for holistic business mentoring because she is extremely skilled at being able to see your bigger picture, staying objective enough to help break things down for you in an accessible way, all while staying true to your personal vision. I still use her organization and time management tips for my business and personal life, and it has since helped bring more peace of mind and discipline to my practices.  was further ahead than I thought. I was proud of my productivity. Inspired me to make more small steps toward my goals.”  Vanessa Soulliere


“I love how Amy sends me an email with notes of our hour session together…she doesn’t miss a beat…I print out the notes and put them on my fridge…and everyday I do something we discussed to move forward in my business plan…thank you Amy with you having my back I am sure to succeed…looking so forward to my future.” Marianne Ferenczy


“Amy saw my business goals from a business perspective and showed me how to work at things one step at a time leaving my emotions out of the equation. Now I am ready to move forward.” Mary Jane Thomas 


“My experience with Amy was uplifting and inspiring.  She showed me step by step how to move forward with my ideas. She created clarity and purpose which has allowed me to take inspired action on a daily basis.” Lia Federico


“I love your very client focused approach. You fully listen to your client’s for a deeper understanding of their perspectives and then offer heart felt suggestions based on their needs.  I truly felt you had no judgement nor bias just compassion and an eagerness to guide me through.” Lesley Nickleson


“Better vision as to where I wanted to go and what I wanted/needed to do and how to get there.” Martha Renaud


“To get organized and take the action to be in contact with my clients, actually feel like I own my business.” Angie Armstrong-Dupre


“Being able to think clearly through what needed to happen and how to organize my schedule better.” Elsie Dyck-Nwachukwu